Direct transparent trade with high impact benefits for everyone involved

benefits for everyone involved

Every day there is trade between buyers and sellers worldwide. But we believe there is so much more potential for buyers AND sellers with benefits for many people involved. How? Simply by making supply chains transparent and shorter, there will be a huge impact (social and economical).

Questions or interested? Please contact us! We are happy to discuss with you where we can be of added value or tell you more about us.

What are you looking for?

we offer our services to

High volume buyers looking for direct trade with Africa by making local impact in a sustainable, fair and transparent way

with the ambition to develop international business

Companies looking for opportunities
in Africa


Are you looking for:

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A trustable, sustainable network do to business?

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A trustable suppliers of agricultural products from eg Africa?

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Organic products?

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A talented trainee to develop your international business?

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A sparring partner how to increase your import or export?


We aim to develop sustainable, fair and direct trade between African SME’s and companies abroad. We also have a special supporting program for “Agripreneurs” to connect them to global high volume buyers of agricultural products abroad. Agripreneurs are young talented farmers, processors, and producers (women and men) with the passion of agriculture and the ambition of getting the maximum output by offering high-quality products to local and international business relations. Their passion makes them work hard in order to belong to the best of the best. They have a spirit of changing their surroundings day by day to be a better place than it was yesterday. These agripreneurs will contribute together with Globl Group to develop a promising future of Africa.